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LaShae Wallace was born at Howard University in Washington D.C, November 23, 1991 she lives in South Carolina with her family. She loves spending time with her soulmate, Terrell. They met in graduate school. She graduated from South Carolina State University with her Master’s in Counselor Education. Upon graduating, God called her to be a middle school counselor.
Her studies in sociology at East Tennessee State University prepared her for service as a field instructor at Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute mentoring Department of Juvenile Justice girls in which she did for two years.
She is an author who extols the Most High God through her Christian lessons, adages, and scriptures for healing and uplifting the spirit.

Read other books by the author. Look at God, Season of Purpose and It Started With a Promise.
She is in the midst of writing her 4th book “Worship in the Wildnerness”
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Her motto: My prayer is that people will see Jesus through me. He used my tears to water my dreams!

Lashae Wallace

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